Monday, February 7, 2011

San Francisco Half Marathon: Race Report

Ran the SF Super Bowl Half Marathon with Coach Phil early yesterday. I trained through it (much as I did with the LA half) with virtually no taper, and was curious how it would go. I felt *really* good for the first nine miles - probably too good, considering I ran a 7:07 mile 4 followed by a 7:07 mile 5 (too fast) and thought I might be on to a good day. And then I hit the Great American Highway (beautiful beyond belief; runs right alongside the Ocean and you feel like you are in a coastal Californian town, not a large City) and out of nowhere, an Orangutan jumped on my back and stayed there for the next 4.1 miles.

Just as it was getting hot, mind you (not to rub it in but it hit 80 here yesterday. We are having a record breaking run of insanely great weather). Anyway the last four miles were a death march and I was in AGONY. I faded pretty badly but still came in under my goal time of 1:40, which I'm proud to say I beat by 8 seconds.

So, that's that. Considering that I have been training hard and again, with no taper, I'm pretty pleased with my first two races of the year. Hope that bodes well for my next big one, Way Too Cool 50k in early March.

This season is officially on like Donkey Kong.


Anonymous said...

Damn orangutans. Good job. Rs

Anonymous said...

orangutang.male or female? you would know the diff. it was on your back forn 4 miles. gs