Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greetings from NYC

Greetings from the BIg Apple. I am here for a few days of whirlwind meetings and I apologize in advance to anyone I was unable to see. Not a lot of free time. In fact, so little free time that the past two days I have forced myself to wake up early - 7 am (4 am according to my body clock) and run. Yesterday I went to Central Park, which will always be hallowed ground for me (it's where I resumed running back in 96). I left my hotel room wearing the remaining "warm" clothes that I own - and I proceeded to freeze my ass off. I mean that almost literally. It was so cold it was staggering. It wasn't the temperature per se, but the wind chill. I thought I was being a wimp (note: I probably was) but later on I heard several other people complaining about the wind in particular. Yowza - that was as cold as I have been in a long, long while.

But - it was a great run regardless. Central Park is just such a cool place to run and is a quintessential New York experience in and of itself.

And beyond that - while I am *very* content living in San Francisco and wouldn't change it for anything, NYC is still one hell of an awesome City.

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