Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Article in Today's New York TImes on Thyroid Cancer

Interesting article on thyroid cancer that appeared today. Link here. Thyroid cancer is back in the news after Dr. Oz recommended that people wear a thyroid shield when receiving xrays. His recommendation seems to have created quite a stir but I don't think it's a bad precautionary idea at all. What the downside, really?

Though I'll never be able to "prove" it, there is absolutely no question whatsoever in my mind that my thyroid cancer was the result of all the dental xrays I had as a kid. I had more dental work done than I could express and it just makes sense, especially given the fact that I have no genetic connection to thyroid cancer on either side of my family.

Anyway, an interesting read and I'm glad the issue is being discussed.

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Celine said...

I have thyroid disease, too and I've been taking bovine thyroid ever since.I'm afraid that this disease might trigger other forms of sickness, that's why I always take good care of my health.