Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greetings From the Big Apple

I'm in NYC for a quick series of in and out business meetings. Work wise, these last few weeks have been absolutely ferocious and I am more than ready for a vacation - not that I have one planned any time soon.

ANyway, we had a dinner in tribeca tonight and the drive home was awesome; we drove by three former apartments (Morton street, 25th and Washington, for those of you who remember that far back), cruised by one of my favorite former clubs (DOn Hills - cannot believe that it's still around) and walked past the office building where I met the Mrs (1675 Broadway). I also managed to squeeze in a quick four mile run in Central Park, which is right next to this sketchy ass hotel I'm staying at. Love running in the Park - it takes me way back in time - but quite honestly, I'll take the hills of Marin.

More tomorrow; might try to get a capture a few photos.

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neil s. said...

Don Hill dies a few weeks ago. meant to forward you his obit.