Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry so quiet this week; I've been head down in LA working (yes dad. I work. Pretty hard, too!) on this.

This is the first acquisition I've been directly involved with and it's been a pretty exciting experience. This has been eight months in the making. I couldn't be more delighted with our partner in this, The Rogers Group. They have an amazing reputation in LA , are a very classy organization and their principal, Ron Rogers is someone that can be a mentor not just to me but my entire staff.

Anyway, exciting times.

And with that, tomorrow I leave for the American Rover 50. WIll try to send one more pre-race post but in the event I don't, please send Todd and I good vibes. Though I feel ready, I suspect they won't hurt.


gailaj said...

Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

good luck. 50 miles is a b---h. i don't even like to drive that far.don't forget to keep breathing. gs