Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Kids

Enormously proud of both kids today. The Little Boy ran a tough 10k race with me in the am in San Francisco. He bellyached a bit but stayed with it. He's not in great running shape but he's turning into a terrific little runner. He out kicked me in the end, turned to me with a huge smile and said he wanted to do another one next week. We finished in 55 minutes and change, which was around 9 minute pace. Not bad for a little dude. He came in 2nd in the under 17 category. The Little Girl had a swim meet in Sunnyvale. It was her first long course meet (50 meter pool) and a very competitive field. She ended up taking 3rd overall in fly in a very good time and 7th in free. After the meet, she insisted on going directly to the pool, where she swam for another two hours, to go along with the six - six - she spent in the water yesterday. She's a water bug. My pride in them has nothing to do with their relative performances. I just love how active they are - and how much they enjoy an active lifestyle.

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Nana said...

What a wonderful family. I know it is the California air, Right? Maybe they got those genes from their Dad who is a mighty fine athlete.