Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Backstroke Record

The Little Girl set a pool and team record for backstroke on Saturday. Her time was 18.09 - the previous record was 18.42. Not sure how long this record is going to last - she has a teammate that is just spectacular - but it doesn't really matter to me - records are meant to be broken.

In my opinion, this video tells the real story and is much more meaningful than a good swim; it's clear that she's adored by her teammates and I particularly like how the "big kids" treat her.

I'm quickly learning that the pool culture is an interesting one. Without getting too into it, I'll say that many parents - and oftentimes the kids too, get a little bit caught up in things. I confess to at times probably being guilty of this as well. I think we forget at times that these are just kids.

But I consider myself very fortunate in that the Little Girl has just the right attitude and perspective. She's focused and determined, sure, but at the end of the day she's a terrific sport and teammate and THAT is what it's all about.

In certain respects, I think she's inadvertently starting to become a role model. Not just for the kids, but perhaps for some of the parents too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Howard, I am a Serpent parent and your wife was kind enough to share your great blog and video with me. I am lucky enough to also have kids who love the sport and have had excellent success in the league and on the record board. My older swimmer will be leaving the league soon, as he knows this is a very small pond and there are many more events to swim and a ton of great swimmers out there to develop friendships with and compete with.
I have to say that out of all the compliments I ever receive about my children, it is NOT "wow, they are amazing swimmers" that sticks with me and makes me so proud. It is the other comments: that they are humble, that they are kind, that they have a great sense of humor, that they cheer for their teammates, that they have been a good friend. I believe that growth in this sport is about values and character as much as it is about fast swimming. I know your little girl, and I know that her passion for the sport, her kindness and humility and her damn hard work ethic will bring her incredible success. Yes records will fade and be broken, but the little girl you are raising will be a champion in so many ways. Enjoy this now- someday it will end and we will be so sad this short slice of time with our team is over. I believe it is all about character,and swimming fast is a bonus.
Congratulations to your amazing little pistol :)!!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous. you are a wise mom. gs

wcperrault said...

Howard - It's Bill Perrault - You should be very proud of Summer. Setting records is really impressive, but like you said - it's so much more than that. She's a wonderful person. You and April have raised a fine family and I hope that I can raise my brood in a similar way - kind, humble, caring, hard working, friendly - those kids of yours have the whole package.