Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google Plus One

Google recently introduced a new "product" of sorts - a +1 button, that you'll soon see on a vast majority of sites. If you will note it's already showing itself on these here pages. You're supposed to hit this button if you think like or think something is interesting/cool. If you're interested in learning more about it, here's a link.

I'm generally not too interested in marketing this particular site - as I've noted before we have a small, but meaningful (to me, anyway) community here, and I am just fine with that. But I'd like to use this as an experiment of sorts for work purposes, so if there's a particular post that you like, but are not inclined to leave a comment (I'm hurting here with comments these days - need my father to pick it up in this particular area!) do me a favor and click on +1. I'm interested in seeing the impact it has on search rankings.

Thanks much and hit me with questions or if you don't see the button.


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