Friday, June 24, 2011

Car accident

The Little Boy and I were involved in a pretty serious car accident today. Fortunately, we are both ok.

Not sure exactly what went down. We were driving to the pool to pick up the Little Girl up a road I've driven a million times. Out of nowhere, a truck/van crashed into us at a high speed. The force of the collision drove me into the car in front of me, though that damage was relatively minimal.

Wow was that scary. The Little Boy was crying like crazy and I think I was in a semi-state of shock. As I said, didn't se or hear it coming and simply cannot understand what this guy was doing driving so fast. According to the police officer - who said it was clearly the other guys fault - he was also driving with an expired drivers license.

Anyway, I am obviously happy that we are both ok - most especially the Little Boy. That's the upside. the downside is that my new car - damn thing is like a month old - is TRASHED. Not sure if it's totaled - guess I will learn that on Tuesday, but it is a mess.

What a bummer. Would have been better off not taking the day off.

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Anonymous said...

looks like most cars i see driving around in