Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swim Meet for the Ages

If you don't think swim meets are exciting, think again. Yesterday's Scott Valley-Sleepy Hollow Meet was one of the more exciting sporting events I have ever witnessed.

Long story short: according to legend, Sleepy Hollow hasn't lost in 18 years. That's testament to both the size and quality of their program. We felt that this was going to be our year; our team has never been stronger.

Both teams duked it out until literally the last relay of the day. It was that close. In the end, Sleepy Hollow got us by 4 points, which is as statistically as close as you can get in a swim meet. It was thrilling. It was also an excellent display of great sportsmanship on the part of both teams. Though the Sea Serpents lost - and I know the kids and coaches wanted this one - I'm really impressed by their mettle.

The Little Girl had a good day. She won back, fly and both her relay teams and took second in IM. There was a lot of pressure on her in one particular race and she rose to the occasion. I'm real proud of her - she's one determined, focused little kid. And as I've stated before, I'm even more proud of how she composes herself outside the pool.

Here's a video of her swimming fly. Today, she's off to yet another meet in Moranga, California. She's swimming long course, which should be interesting.

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