Monday, June 6, 2011

My Crazy Daughter

The Little Girl had another terrific swim meet on Saturday amidst a driving downpour. I'm very proud of her and I'm equally proud of her brother for his amazing support of her.

Funny though, with all her accomplishments in the water, I think her best athletic display occurred on land.

Yesterday was the Little Boy's little league picnic. Being normal 11 and 12 year olds, a few of the boys on his team snuck away to the local park to play ball. The Little Girl - the only girl at this party - asked if she could accompany them, so I went along with them. She watched them play baseball for a few moments and then asked if she could play with them. I asked the boys and thankfully they were great sports (they are a terrific group of kids) and said ok.

So, she comes up to bat and the "infield" (two boys) moves all the way in, thinking she would strike out/couldn't hit. I saw her realize what they were doing and get that determined look in her eye and I just chuckled and told the shortstop to step back a bit. He looked at me like I was crazy. Two swings later and with a perfect swing she smashes one - and I mean belts it - to dead center, for a stand up triple. The boys were absolutely speechless. It was the best example of Girl Power I think I've ever seen.

This crazy little girl. She is far - far - from perfect - the truth is she is a gigantic pain in the ass - but man, her pure athleticism is something to see.


Anonymous said...

she is perfect to me. so is her bro. gs

Nana said...

She takes after her Grandmother...When we make up our mind to do something we do it...Just kidding?