Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ashland, Oregon

Just got back from an awesome weekend in Ashland, Oregon. Wow is that a cool place - maybe one of the coolest towns I've ever seen. I was there with a client - a very senior level client who is just spectacularly cool - on business, but our business involved hanging out with some of the world's top ultra runners most notably Jenn Shelton and her boyfriend Eric Skaggs, both of whom were just awesome) and running a 3.5 mile race that featured 1,100 feet of climbing in the first .75 mile.

I walked the town yesterday afternoon and into the night and because Ashland is famous for its Summer Shakespeare festival, I figured what the hell - when in Rome. So, on a whim I went to see Henry VII, Part 2. Wish I could say I enjoyed it - the outdoor Shakespearean theater was spectacular, but the truth is I got lost in the plot, it was a long day, and before long I found myself snoozing. So, I ended up leaving a little early - during intermission. Nevertheless, though, it was great experience and I couldn't have enjoyed the weekend any more. There's something to be said about discovering and exploring new places.

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