Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Luck, Little Girl!

Tomorrow is Champs, the biggest meet of the swim season. Also, the last meet of the swim season. The Little Girl has had an absolutely terrific season and I wish her all the best tomorrow. She's worked very hard building up to this.

Of course, life being what it is, she's not feeling so well; mild fever (we think), sore throat, etc. Early stage cold I presume which seems to be going around. Anyway, she's one tough little chica and I know she'll do great.

If anyone is reading this, send her a comment that I can show prior to tomorrow. She loves that kind of stuff!


MuddyPuddle said...

Good luck Summer! No matter what, you're a faster swimmer than your pops ever will be.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Summer. We are thinking about you and know you are going to do great. Make sure somebody gets me updates. Love you.
Penny, Alivia and Mike

NANA said...

I feel every stroke you are taking and know you will do your best. You are number one in my book always. Love you more....Nana

Anonymous said...

swimmer summer.summer swimmer. anyway you look at it she is