Friday, July 8, 2011

The Tour

So, it's Tour de France time again - one of my favorite times of the year. Even with Lance out, all the drug allegation craziness, etc. etc. - I still love everything about the Tour. It might just be my favorite sporting event of the Year.

One week into it, my picks are Andy Schleck to win, followed by Alberto Contador and Cadel Evans. Truth be told, I actually think Alberto is going to win, but that's too easy of a pick!

My favorite part of this year's Tour though? Out of absolutely nowhere, my son has falled head over heels in love with it! I could not be more proud of the Little Guy - he wakes up early every morning and watches every minute of every stage. It stokes me SO much. And in his inimitable fashion, he's become a bit OCD about is and is learning a lot, fast (like father, like son!).

So, it's nice to watch all the stages with a fellow partner in crime!

Anyway, with exception of Stage three it's been relatively quiet, but I expect things to open up a bit towards the back end of next week. Should be fun to watch.

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