Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well, the 2011 swim season is officially over.

The Little Girl had a pretty darn good Champs. Truth is, she was pretty sick. I think we were fooling ourselves a bit - it was clear she was suffering from something. I just wanted her to get through Champs in one piece. I give credit to her though, though she admitted that she didn't feel well, she really didn't complain at all, until after the meet.

While she didn't swim any best times, she still had a heck of a meet: a first in backstroke, 2nd in Fly, 2nd in IM and her IM and Free relay teams not only won, but broke team records in the process. She ended up as runner up for most points, 8 and under. All in all a good day and I'm especially proud of how she did under the circumstances.

Anyway, a great season overall for both the LIttle Girl and her team. Next year she ages up to 9-10's. I only hope she has half the experience of this year.

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