Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interesting Article on Thyroid Cancer in NY Times

Meant to post earlier in the week about this interesting article on thyroid cancer. Makes me wonder if I have this genetic variation. My supposition is that my particular case is related to exposure to radiation (through all the dental work I have had throughout my childhood, which I would categorize as beyond extensive), but I guess in the end it doesn't really matter. I do hope however that there's a test available one day for my kids. It would obviously be a good thing for them to know. Anyway, interesting reading, particularly for CrazyMama and Gail.

While on the subject of cancer, thanks Dave M, Jeff Schultz and Diana V. for your contributions to my fund. I am great appreciative.

We are getting set to head to Hawaii later this week for vacation, which should be fun. Anyone have a good book to recommend? Any good music? And speaking of books, per my posting yesterday, my boy Beno and I figured out an easy, relatively cost-free way in which I can get a Kindle. I'm still on the fence but if we can pull this off, then it's pretty much a no brainer.

That's about it for tonight. Long day and longer tomorrow.


Crazymamaof6 said...

interesting article. i often wonder about the genetic link to thyroid cancer. my type is not generally thought to be genetic(follicular).
BUT my sister and dad both had benign nodules. what are the odds one of my kids could get it?
i wish we could get on board for a genetic study considering family size, if they tested siblings, and all the grand kids. that would be a huge group. what if there was a genetic link that showed up? what would it take a blood draw? BUT it's so no happening. i've given up that fantasy.

Oh but my daughter's thyroid ultrasound came back normal. which is awesome. we were just checking for a baseline norm for her. just in case. since hers has been enlarged on occasion. better to be safe than sorry. '

have a great trip!

gailaj said...

My husband spotted this in the Times...in my case, the only relevant genetic link to thyroid cancer I had read about before had to do with polyps (which my dad had), but as far as I know my mom hasn't had a similar problem....what worries me more lately is stomach cancer, as my dad was just diagnosed (and his mother had it too.) We can't predict what my son might be vulnerable to, as he is adopted so does not share our genes (although we have little information on his biological ancestry....)