Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wow, Thanks

I just want to send a great big huge thank you for all who have contributed to my Livestrong fund, per the below posting. I am touched, grateful and thankful. I've tried to email you each individually and if I haven't it's because I can't find your email (that would be you, Gail, Carrie and Carrie's Dude. THANK YOU you three) and I've been tied up here in LA the past few days.

The highlight of my week, aside from the support you have all shown me thus far, is that I finally got in touch with a really, really good buddy from high school -- my main man Bern. One of those situations where too much time has passed. Thanks to you too, Geremy, for supporting my Boston effort.

Turns out Bern -- who was one of the toughest dudes I knew in high school -- is a reality tv junkie much like myself. Must be something in the Paramus water.

Let yourself be heard, Geremy: which shows are you into?

In other news, I have no news. For now, anyway. I might tomorrow when we get back to San Francisco. Rumor has it we're headed back to Hearst Castle this weekend with my in-laws, who are coming to visit. So I'll be sure to post even more pictures.

Thanks again, y'all. And please note that if this is the first time you've been to this site in a while, please see my posting below!

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Anonymous said...

you go back to hearst castle another time and rumors will start that you are an interested