Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

I haven't been my usual consistent blogging self this past week or so; just been slammed at work. Been a ferocious week back and vacation seems like a long, long time ago.

Anyway, between work and the run I just went on to clear my head (7.5 mile tempo run!) I'm going to keep this short. Few random thoughts:

-- I am reading The Historian, a much lauded book that is an absolutely superb tale. It's a unique spin on the traditional vampire story and I am completely engrossed. This one comes highly recommended. I'd link to it but I'm too tired; check it out on Amazon.

-- Speaking of Amazon, I might have purchased a certain something from this company. Something that kind of stokes me. Can you guess what? More on this one later.

-- I'm not saying that I have the new U2 album, but I have heard it and boy oh boy is it good. I know many of you out there have a love/hate (or in certain instances, a hate/hate) relationship with U2 but to me they will always be one of my top five bands of all time. And this one IS GOOD. As in, quite possibly, there best work in a very long time. More on this later.

-- I thought our President was great last night. I hope I don't offend anyones sensibilities in saying this, but it's nice to have a President that you can root for and who is inspirational. But I do have a bit of criticism in regards to his addres: I think he's trying to do too much; his agenda was too ambitious and potentially sets him up for failure. I wish he would have stated something to the effect of "the economy is in crisis, it's real bad, and as a result, I am going to focus on X things this year. But I look you in the eye America and tell you with confidence and authority that we WILL get those three things right." I am rambling but you get my point.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. On top of work stress I've been hitting a big block of training (including almost ten hours for me last week, which is huge), and am just wiped out. On top of it, it's American Idol time in our household, which is a big deal. the kids are officially fans.

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neil s. said...

that was a good book. Interested in hearing your opinion when you're done. She wrote that in Ann Arbor. Btw, u read the girl with the dragon tattoo yet?