Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have to say I am pretty moved by all the support I am getting for the Boston run. I have officially exceeded the goal that the Livestrong organizations has put forth, but I want to keep the momentum going. A great big thank you to my old man, my in-laws, our good friend the Hughes and our new friends the Barry's. After all this amazing support, I am really going to have to run this damn race. Would be ironic if I qualified for Boston .... at Boston. Anyway, I have a long road to hoe before I make any such declaration. I haven't really begun training in earnest and am still recovering from Phoenix.

On a different subject, it's been a long week. Work has been one part of it, but the kid's are another. I am not sure what is going on with them this week, but boy have they been tough; I mean extraordinarily tough. I will leave it at that for tonight but I am hoping we don't have many more evenings like the past few.

Beyond that not much to say tonight. Couple of random thoughts:

-- American Idol is finally starting to lose me. Nothing terribly compelling about this season.

-- Ditto HBO's Big Love Not sure why/how I continue to stay with this one.

-- Music I've been listening to: Animal Collective, Airborne Toxic Event, Bon Iver (most especially his 5 song EP, which I highly recommend), Duffy, Handsome Furs, and Matt & Kim. All interesting stuff.

That's it for tonight; hopefully I will have something more compelling to say tomorrow, when my brain is more functional.

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neil s. said...

For a book read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I just read the 2nd book - had to order it from Amazon UK since it hasn't been released here. They are sensational books.

As for Big Love, after reading your message I don't regret leaving it after the 1st season. It never really grabbed me.

Do you watch Lost? This season has been very good so far.