Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kogi's Korean Tacos

I'm in LA today and the Kogi's truck was parked across the street from our office. For those of you unfamiliar with Kogi's, it's all the rage here in Tinseltown. They serve Korean-infused Mexican food that is absolutely out of this world. Because it was my second lunch I only ordered two short rim tacos (with kimchi). The only way to know the location and timing of the truck(s) is to follow them via Twitter. This adds to the mystique, apparently. Regardless, the food is absolutely delicious - and I'm not much of a foodie (though I am very partial to Korean food).

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Anonymous said...

Iyou knew what KOGI meant you might not be so happy with it, (just kidding,i think)

Nana said...

looks delicious. We don't see a lot of foods on wheels. Sure could use it here in Lake George.

gailaj said...

Wow -- I have to show this to my son -- who happens to be Korean and loves Mexican food. He would be all over this!