Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swimming with Sharks

So, I'm swimming my first Alcatraz race this weekend. It's an aquathlon - my first ever race of this sort, too. KInd of like a triathlon, without the bike portion. The race kicks off with 1.5 mile swim in the 57 degree, shark infested waters (hi, mom!) and a 7 mile run through the Presidio. I'll confess to being a tad bit, shall we say "apprehensive" about the swim. I know I'll be stoked when I'm done however; Alcatraz swim has long been on my bucket list. I'm doing this race with my boy Dave who's emerged as a super strong swimmer so I'm hoping I can stay on his toes.
Anyway the swim has necessitated a few purchases including a full suit and a neoprene hoodie, both of which I just got tonight. I figure they will get plenty of good use over the next few years.
Anyway, here's to hoping that the sharks take a pass on the skinny guy. I'm trying out this ensemble (pictures attached for your viewing pleasure) tomorrow night at Aquatic Park in San Francisco as part of a test. Hope it goes well.

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Anonymous said...

did you get a batmobile bike also.gs

nana said...

I agree with GS, boy do you look sharp. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

don't worry about sharks. you will scare the piss out of them.gs