Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

The Wife, Girl and I are back from a fantastic trip to Chicago, our trip to the ER nonwithstanding. We did nothing but han out (and eat) with four sets of amazing friends and I could not imagine a more enjoyeable weekend. Nothing in the world likegood friends. What made the weekend even more spectacular is that not only are the kids all growing up, they get along amazingly well. I must confess that as I sit on the plane typing hear words, for the first time I'm. Bit wistful that I don't live in Chicago. Wait a second; I just mentally recalled how cold it is in February. Ok, I'm over it.

In other news, and in the event you are living under a rock, the tour started today. And y'all know what a Tour fan I a, so be prepared for a slew of posts in the coming weeks. The story of today wasn't Lance but rather his teammate Contador: he had a heck of a race and demonstrated to the big GC guys that he's the man to beat. Next few weeks will be really interesting.

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