Monday, July 6, 2009

Lance Will Be Wearing Yellow Tomorrow

Usually the first week of the Tour is a bit of a snoozer, the first time time trial excluded. The main objective for the GC guys is to essentially to stay out of trouble and let the sprinters do their thing. The action generally doesn't start until the race hits the Pyrenees. Today should have been a "nothing" stage, but mother nature intervened, a certain 37 year old veteran showed that he's smart like a fox and a fairly significant gap was put on the field. And in my opinion -- and most of the biking cognescenti, too -- Lance did nothing to usurp Alberto. He was simply at the right place at the right time, and when it comes to the Tour, luck counts for a lot.

Look for Astana to put the pedal to the metal in tomorrow's time trial and destroy the field. The only team that could possibly compete is Columbia, who rode in such an intelligent fashion today it is was incredible.

I'd say we are looking at a 70 percent chance that Lance finishes the day in Yellow. And the media will have a complete and utter field day with that. The bigger question is what, if anything, he will do to defend. THAT is where things will get interesting. I'm really curious as to Johan's strategy for the next several days.

Man oh man. I'm a big sports fan as you all know, but there simply ain't nothing like the Tour de France. This is going to be a great month.


gailaj said...

Go Lance!!

Brian said...

Someday, I hope to be at the right time at the right time. Just... in general.