Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marincello Trail Run

My training for the Quad Dipsea (28 miles with almost 10000 feet of climbing) has begun in earnest. Yesterday I ran the Dipsea Steps three times (brutal) and then the Cascade Trail. About an hour an a half total.

 Today I ran from Tennessee Valley up the Marincello Trail (1.3 miles of straight climbing) all the way down to the Bobcat Trail (where I saw - go figure - a Bobcat) to Rodeo Valley. About 2 hours in total with just a ton of climbing. Must have been 80 degrees today so pretty hot as well.
All in all a good training weekend.

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neil s. said...

gotta admit - running on trails that beautiful must be pretty awesome. what's that harness you're wearing in the last pic?

Anonymous said...

who is taking the pictures. don't tell me the kids or wife are running with you. gs