Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crazy Week

Sorry I haven't blogged too much this week. I had my bosses in from out of town, which always keeps me on my heels.

Although I try to reserve my tech posting for, I can't help but make mention of the big Apple announcement yesterday. My assessments:

- the new iPods are cool but I am squared away in that department so will not buy. If I were to buy one though, it would most certainly be the Nano, though I do wonder how a touch screen will work while running, in the gym, etc. I like where they went there.

-- iPad 4.2 software STOKES me greatly but it's disappointing that it won't be available until November. iPad needs 4.0 software - most especially folders -- NOW.

-- the new social iTunes, Ping, is intriguing, and full of possibilities, but as of now it's a bit rudimentary and limited. It would be far more interesting if it linked to Facebook. I have to imagine we'll see that functionality in the not so distant future.

-- and last but not least, Apple TV. This one I ordered, but only because it is very affordable at $99.00. If it was any more expensive I would have passed. I was very disappointed that it wasn't built on iOS platform and app capable. That was a letdown, as was the rental only model -- and the fact that their only content partners thus far are ABC and FOX. I can't wait to compare Apple TV against Google TV (disclosure; client), which comes out later this fall.

Anyway, that is my high-level take. Nice announcement, but nothing that I'd categorize as earth shattering.

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