Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the Toughest Little Dude of All Time

Everyone in our little community here, meet E. To protect his privacy, I'm not going to share his full name. Let's just call him E.

E, who as you can see on the basis of this picture, has got to be one of the cutest kids on the planet. He is also the son of one of my dearest friends from college.

Let me tell you a little about E. He is seven years old. He has two brothers. He loves school, to the extent of course that little kids like school. He loves roughhousing with his brother. He also loves sports, most especially tennis and baseball. In the world of Southern California, where he lives, E is what they would call a gnarly little grom.

He's not gnarly in a bad way mind you.

E is gnarly in that he's one tough little Kid - tough doesn't begin to describe it, actually - who's endured more hardship in life than most adults. While he's a normal little Kid who like to do normal Kid things, unfortunately, there's something slightly abnormal about Little E. Sadly, it's his heart.

Of course, it's not what is in E's heart in a metaphorical sense; he's one of the sweetest, kindest kids you would ever know.

It is what's in his heart in a literal sense; he has some congenital issues that have necessitated multiple open heart surgeries.

We're certain that E is going to be ok over the long haul, but he's recently coming off yet another surgery and is having a hard time at the moment. And so with his mom's permission, I am telling his story and asking that you all say a little prayer for E, and throw some good vibes his way.

Without getting all spiritual and new-agey, I believe good vibes work and right now, E can use them. So could his mom. And so could I, because as I said this is one beautiful little Kid and it's not fair that any child - let alone a kid like this, has to suffer.

So, we're thinking of you E. I think I've learned more from you, Little Man, than I have from any other seven year old on the planet. Hell, for that matter I think I've learned more from you than from any damn adult.

So keep on keeping on Little Man. You are an inspiration to many. Can't wait to get word from your mom that you're back on the baseball diamond.


Anonymous said...

Just happened to be sitting here at work listening to a little reggae when I read this.

Sending some positive vibrations your way, E. Your are in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I am sending good vibes! love elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful...right on!

Amy Y.

Anonymous said...

E and mom, positive thoughts, vibes and love from across the country.

Scott H

Anonymous said...

Here comes the mojo my man! Where there is a tough kid, there is a tough mom! Lots of love...rob

Nana said...

My best thoughts to the greatest, strong boy. It makes you stop and think maybe whatever is going wrong witin us is nothing compared to what he is facing. We wish his family the very best.

Anonymous said...

This was such a kind post, and I know E and his mom are touched. I am too. Good vibes to E, his family, and you too Howard. xo, Diana

Crazymamaof6 said...

sending good Vibes out for E and his mama! sweet post.

Anonymous said...

we will say a prayer for little E around the dinner table tonight.