Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Stuff

First and foremost: congrats to my boy Toddie B for finishing his first - and maybe last? (though I doubt it) - 50 miler. Todd has been bitten hard by the ultra running bug and he's knee deep in it now, which stokes me to no end. Race report please, Todd.

In other news, action packed weekend that included a day of temple and fasting for Yom Kippur; a soccer game yesterday; fall baseball game today; a short run and much more. I have to say that there's nothing better than fall weekends. Especially when Michigan is on a winning streak (though I hasten add that yesterday's win was a Pyrrhic victory at best; we looked absolutely terrible in beating U Mass, which just so happens to be my brother Scott's alma mater).

Anyway, all that being said, the highlight of my weekend is getting set to happen in t-minus 13 minute: the debut of Boardwalk Empire on HBO. I've been waiting for this show for months and am hoping it doesn't disappoint.

Anyone else check it out and of so, what did you think?

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Anonymous said...

Pyrrhic or not pyrrhic you still owe me $50. Pay up bud