Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Congrats Little Boy

I'm super proud of the Little Boy - he took 10th yesterday at the Marin cross country championships. The amazing thing is how much he improved relative to recent performances; in three previous races this year, his best place was 25th. The best I could explain such a big leap is a. he's been training very hard these past few weeks. I ran with him last Friday and for the first time ever, had to really work to keep up with him 2. he finally learned how to "race." I think in his previous races there's been some gas left in the tank.

Whatever the reason, I'm very proud of him and he is very proud of himself. He was all smiles last night and he didn't take his medal off (medals only went to the top 10 finishers) until he went to bed. He nabbed the last one, which he said was a big motivator over the last 200 meters.

The most important lesson in this and one I think he finally understands; hard work yields results. If you're reading this; great job Kid. I'm super proud of you. Now apply this lesson to other parts of your life too (like - your homework!).


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO Z. everyone here says congrats and keep up the good

Anonymous said...

Congrats z. Very proud of you


Michael Wiley said...

Awesome! Congrats Z. The cross training (swimming) certainly factored into his improvement as well.