Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm probably jinxing the hell out of us with a post such as this on the week of such a big football game, but screw it: Michigan football is 6-0 and regardless of how the rest of the season shakes out, there's no question that our program is finally pointed in the right direction. Coach Hoke is the right man for the job. I was stoked when he was hired and halfway into the season, I'm even more stoked today. He has us believing. I suspect when its all said and done he is going to have a very successful tenure at Michigan. Speaking of Michigan, in addition to the Wolverines they all of a sudden have the Tigers, Lion and even the state college football team. It's nice to see the state of Michigan on the rise, if even just from a sports standpoint; lord knows that theycould use a break. Good for you! Michigan. And Go Blue.


Anonymous said...

Anyone see the Big Ten Network piece on Bo?


Anonymous said...

suggest you have your kids proof read for you. i too like to hear good things for michigan (state and wolves) gs