Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Son, The Triathlete

So check it out, the Little Boy is on his way to becoming a triathlete. Like father, like son.

I'm super proud of both him and his two compadres in arms, Gregory and Sydney. They are doing the Marin Triathlon as a relay team to help raise money for cancer research. And y'all know what this cause means to me.

What's really cool about this is it's part of their bar/bat mitzvah project(s) as well. I think this is a terrific effort on their part (by the way, be sure to read the Little Boy's note on their website - not sure how he got suckered into the swim but good for him) and I could not be more proud of the three of them.

I've never asked you all for anything much but if you are able, please consider supporting them in their collective effort to raise $1,300. I have yet to make my donation to Livestrong as part of the Thyroid Cancer run - I will do that soon. But to get things started on their behalf, I'll make a donation on behalf of of all of us.

Again, you can check out the site here. And thanks in advance for your support. I'm sure the Little Boy thanks you too.


Anonymous said...

My donation is on the way. Love how Z is going to "MAN UP". He definitely brought a smile to my face this morning.


Nana said...

Papa and Nana made our donation also. So proud of our Grandson. We know his heart is in it.