Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Blue

I confess to having a pretty severe man crush on Brady Hoke, the new Michigan coach. I had expectations for a successful season but I did not expect to be 9-2 at this stage of the season. Nor did I expect that we'd put a flat out whupping on Nebraska. Not did I expect that there'd be talk about us representing the Big 10 in a BCS bowl.

But here we are. It's exciting as hell and I feel like after three years in the desert, I can finally say it: Michigan is back.


There's a very big But and it's not necessarily the one that belongs to Coach Hoke. We have one very big hurdle yet to get through. We must beat that team from Ohio. It's an absolute must; NO Michigan football season can be deemed a success unless this is achieved.

But I'm a big believer. And I simply cannot wait until Saturday.


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