Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Penn State

Sorry been quiet; been running around in LA and just back this afternoon. Long week so far; man, did I hurt my shoulder/trapezius on Monday at Cross Fit. Egads.


I've been obsessed with this Penn State story because quite frankly, in the history of college sports I've never seen anything quite like this. It makes the Ohio State situation look quaint by comparison. Not sure what there is to be said about the subject that hasn't already been written. It's an utter travesty and it will take a very, very long time for Penn State to recover - especially as it seems the entire story has yet to be told.

For any Joe Paterno apologists out there - and he's a guy that for many years I held in very high esteem - there's no question - none - that he had to go. To argue otherwise is simply foolish. It was his program. Alleged rapes of CHILDEN occurred in HIS LOCKER ROOM. He has to take responsibility for that. The end.

Responsibility. Ironic that he's been preaching that word for 46 years yet when the rubber met the road he turned the other way. Such a travesty on so many different levels, most especially for those poor, poor kids. I only hope that they are able to to find some sort of healing through all this.


Crazymamaof6 said...

seriously I'm so glad you had this opinion on the Penn State deal. it's been all over the radio and facebook and people are making him out to be a victim, and WTF? those kids are the victims and child rapists and people that cover it up in other situations have to worry about being shivved in prison and yet if you are a well known coach, and assistant coach/pervert, you lose your job but still get a pension? insane.

sorry, i got riled. i said this to the radio the other day, in my car, no one listened to me. the comment form was too tempting.

hope you feel better soon. injuries are NOT DELIGHTFUL!

Anonymous said...

penn state . state pen. what gives? gs