Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Activities

Another crazy busy weekend in the Solomon household.

The Little Boy finished his first triathlon on Saturday as part of a relay team. He swam (in the Bay no less - and was fifth kid out of the water) and then the mile run with the team's runner (we will call her S). The Team did great in every respect; they raised almost $9,000 and they finished second overall. They were stoked on both. A great, big, enormous THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this worthwhile cause. Be on the lookout for a thank you from the Little Boy himself.

ON Sunday we had our last Fall baseball game of the season. Little Boy pitched an inning, caught, got a hit, an RBI and made two clean fielding plays. And the Little Girl swam yet another swim meeting on Sunday. She swam four events and scored best times in each, though she didn't qualify for JO's in any of her events. She was a second or so off on fly, but that's ok - gives her something to shoot for in her next meet.

Anyway, a typical weekend in our household. I went for what I was hoping would be a long run, but had to shut it down after nine miles. I'm pretty certain I have a major issue with this hip; making my appointments and I'm sure we will know more soon.

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