Friday, November 4, 2011


So, the truth is I've been having a pretty severe lower back/hip pain for quite some time. It's been lingering for a long while but I managed to keep it mostly under control during my training for the 100 miler, though it certainly flared up from time to time, as Coach Phil can attest. It resurfaced after my 50k in August and I think it's been somewhat exacerbated by Crossfit.

Yesterday, while picking up my kids at the pool I was speaking with a friend who's an ex-marathoner. She had a hairline fracture in her hip and her description of the type and areas of pain was eerie. I am praying to the Big Man that this isn't the case for me but have an unsettled feeling. Anyone else out there with a similar experience.

Anyway, I am going to start with ART therapy next week and we'll see if that yield anything. Beyond that, i guess my next stop is at an orthopedist.

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Anonymous said...

go to orthopedist first. gs