Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hip Update

I was luckily able to get in to see a sports orthopedist this afternoon. She's pretty good too; she fixed up Coach Phil after his back break.

Long story short, hip issues are difficult to diagnose without X-rays and MRI's, so that's the next step. There's no question there is something going on there, and her working theory is that I might be looking at a torn hip labrum, which would kind of suck, but is not the end of the world. Beyond that, it could be a hairline hip fracture or maybe just acute tendonitis. Glad I'm dealing with it though, as it's been a problem for a while.

The bad news? For the time being, I have to dial back the running considerably. At best, I can run up to five miles on flat surfaces, but only if it isn't bothering me. The good news? I can still do Cross Fit, but just have to eliminate some of the jumping moves. A fair trade off.

Anyway, X-rays on Friday and MRI TBD. More later.


Anonymous said...

Does this make you a HIPSTER? GS

Anonymous said...

Dr. Todd thinks Howard needs to stretch more and it's acute tendonitis.

Nana said...

I am an expert at knee replacement but not on hips. Hope you'll slow down a little and let the hip rest. Good luck with the test.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, Howard. You don't stretch? What are you thinking? Seriously.

GoldenTrailsDave said...

You've seen what not stretching has done to me. GET ON IT!