Thursday, December 15, 2011


One of my personal goals for 2011 was to read at least 12 books (mission easily accomplished) during the year and to participate in 12 races. If I didn't injure myself (update: the leg is a tad infected and didn't respond to an antibiotic salve, so now I am on oral antibiotics. It looks like it's getting better though) I'd be there - I am one race short. I'm hopeful that before the end of the year I can squeeze in a 5k or maybe even a trail 20k, if the leg is up to it. To date this year I have run:

3 5k's
3 half marathons
1 10k
2 50k's
1 50 miler
1 100 miler

I'm relatively pleased with that.

For whatever it's worth, the books I've read include:

Seal Target Geronimo (ok)
The Psychopath Test (excellent)
The Art of Fielding: A Novel (fantastic)
Endgame: Bobby Fisher (excellent)
Inside Scientology (fascinating)
My Korean Deli (decent)
The Pirates of Somalia (fair)
Rawhide Down (excellent)
Sex on Six Legs
The Sportsman (good if you are a Michigan sports fan I guess)
Steve Jobs (excellent)
Unbroken (absolutely fantastic and maybe my book of the year)
The Wave (fantastic)56: Joe DiMaggio (good, though a little slower than I anticipated)

I am thinking about my personal (not professional - personal) goals for 2012. One thing I am contemplating is making ,massive changes to my diet. More on that later but thinking about completely eliminating processed foods and moving towards a paleo diet. Need to do some more research though before I fully commit.

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add: try Bikram Yoga