Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy's Weekend and a 10th Birthday

Sorry so quiet; was away on our annual boy's weekend in Northern Michigan. Aside form my lost bag (which Delta sent from SF to Atlanta to Baltimore to Detroit to Flint back to Detroit to Bay City) and a stomach bug on Saturday, it was all good. The usual; hanging out, swimming, boating, lots of eating and drinking and re-telling the same old stories for the 67th time. The big, breaking news is that a 2012 Monopoly Champion has been declared - yours truly. I won't get into a recitation of the entire game (though I have done so several times in my head - as well as providing a full debriefing to the Little Boy) but let's just say thaty I rolled last, only was able to secure one property - and still won. Maybe my finest hour.

I got back Sunday in a fog and had to head to LA yesterday for an afternoon meeting. That was rough. I was able to get back on an earlier flight though and join the Little Girl for her 10th birthday dinner. I cannot - cannot - believe my baby is ten years old.

I always wanted a little girl and I sure got all I bargained for with this one.Like all kids she sure does have her moments, but she is a great kid in every respect and I love her (and the Little Boy of course) more than anything in the world. Happy birthday, Little Girl. I hope you get to celebrate 90 more.

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