Monday, July 30, 2012


So, as a bachelor, I've been watching a ton of Olympics. Even if I was a non-bachelor, I'd be watching a ton of Olympics. There isn't much better than the Olympics.

Unsurprisingly, I've been most stoked about swimming. I think much was made of the first Phelps-Lochte showdown. Truth is, Lochte was a heavy favorite for him - it's arguably his strongest event (which he proved). I think the real surprise wasn't that he won, but that Phelps failed to medal. He really didn't look too good but I'm not sure I'd read too much into that - I suspect he's going to be more than fine.

I do wish that NBC would broadcast a little more of some of the more "obscure" sports such as weightlifting. My new roommate Wiley and watched some weightlifting on the computer and it was incredible; this little dude from North Korea of all places - guys weighed about 125 pounds - clean and jerked THREE TIMES his bodyweight. That is almost incomprehensible to me.

Beyond swimming, I've been watching whatever they got for me; water polo, gymnastics, beach volleyball, synchronized diving, etc. As far as I'm concerned, it's all exciting. But what I'm really most stoked for is track and field. Cannot wait for all of those events.

Anyone else out there have a particular favorite?

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