Thursday, July 19, 2012

Greetings from Lake George

Am back in Lake George, NY for my yearly sojourn. Getting set to drop the kids off at camp. I'll be back here in late August to pick them up.

So far, so good. Went to CrossFit Lake George yesterday, which was fun, did a little swimming, a little hanging out with the kids, etc. I love it here in the Adirondacks. Only thing is that it is HOT. And I mean really hot. I sometimes complain that Northern California isn't warm enough, but all things considered I think I will take its relatively mild temperatures over the crazy hot and cold of the East Coast and Midwest. 

Anyway, headed to a minor league baseball game with the Little Dude and doing a 5k with the family on Saturday morning in Saratoga. Will be sure to send some pictures from the road.

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