Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nothing New To Report

Not too much going on at the moment. Still reveling in the big Sea Serpent win I guess. Seems like our whole town is reveling in that win. Apparently Sleepy Hollow's win streak was one of the longest youth sports win streaks in the country. Or so they say. And don't ask me who the "they" is because I believe "they" are 12 years old. So take that for what it's worth.

Couple of things:

- did anyone see the movie Savages and if so, any thoughts? The book by Don Winslow is a favorite of mine and I'm reading its precursor, which came out last week. It is also very good.

- Listening to some good music, including the new Pumpkins, which I wrote about previously, along with new Purity Ring and Metric. All three are on heavy rotation. I'm very curious to hear the new Frank Ocean, which is getting a lot of buzz.

- Starting to swim in earnest myself. I signed up for a 5k open water swim in Chicago in September I'll get it done but I'm not quite yet in top swimming shape. That will be by longest swim ever. Starting to ramp up my running too; have been taking it *really* easy this year in hopes that my hip gets better. It isn't getting better but it isn't getting worse and I'm hoping to see another specialist soon for a consultation.

That's it for now.

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Anonymous said...

Even though you say you had nothing new to report, I still enjoyed reading this short update on what's going on in your world, dude.