Sunday, July 29, 2012

Most Perfect Day Ever?

Yesterday as my first "true" day of being a bachelor - meaning I wasn't traveling for business or working. It just may have been the most perfect day ever. I woke up, went to CrossFit, ran two miles afterwards and then went out for an awesome breakfast. Went home and watched the 400 meter IM unfold - props to Lochte on swimming an amazing race. And don't worry; Phelps will be back. Went to the pool just as the sun was coming up. Swam for an hour, lounged around the pool for a while, had a burger and went to get a haircut. Went to Whole Food, met up with a friend for a few minutes and her brand new baby, had some dinner and went to see the Dark Knight Rises, which was pretty damn good. Came home, more Olympics, sleep.

A more perfect day I could not imagine, though today is giving yesterday a run for its money: Crossfit, breakfast, typing these words, going for a run and then picking up my boy Wiley. More later.

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