Monday, March 16, 2009

Apple 3.0 software

So, Apple is getting set to announce their new 3.0 iphone software tomorrow. My prediction: it will have a lot of things consumers such as myself are clamoring for (but not all -- they gotta keep you pining for more), such as cut and paste, MMS and more. However, in typical Apple fashion tomorrow will be more of a "roadmap" presentation, and the actual software won't be available for at least 30 days, if not more. I think their objective is to cut The Palm Pre off at the pass. So, I believe the objective will be to release prior to the Pre. Would love to see Pre beat them to the punch, however, and set the stage for some real drama. I think it's great the Apple seems to finally (maybe?) have a real competitor in the mobile realm. Will be fun to watch how they react. If they really want to impress, they will make this software available tomorrow, but I think we could put about a 5 percent chance of THAT happening.

Will also be interesting to see if they launch a tablet I think that's coming, but not tomorrow. And I think when that announcement DOES come, many Kindle owner, myself included, will be bummed.

In other news, not too much to report. My Boston marathon training is coming along well and have had a good block of training. Now I need to integrate some speed and perhaps hill into the mix as well.

Listening to some great new music these days including Flobots, Metric and more. I'm very much anticipating the new Silversun Pickups and the new Eminem.

That's it for tonight; been a near 12 hour workday. Over and out.

Oh wait, one more thing: huge thanks to some recent Boston Livestrong donors, including my good friend Emma! She wins the award for youngest donor (9 or 10). Thanks Emma -- you rock! Also big thanks to my boy John H and my girl Val. Much appreciated guys.


Anonymous said...

if pre beats apple that will create some drama? i can't wait. gs

Brian said...

Save the drama for yo mama.