Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow -- thanks all for the outpouring of good wishes both on the site and off. I have to say, that it blows me away when people respond en masse like that. I am truly grateful, and lucky, to have so many good friends and supportive family. So -- thank you.

Now that we have cancer out of the way at least until the next test in the fall, we can now revert back to the usual nonsense that this blog is (somewhat) known for. Like this incredibly asinine new Ozzy Osbourne "variety show" I am currently watching. What in the hell is this all about? Has Ozzie lost his freaking mind? This is Ozzie of Black Sabbath fame? The founder of Ozzfest? On a Fox Variety of show? Pardon me for a minute; need to go see if the four horsemen of the apocalypse happen to flying by my window here in LA. This might be the most nonsensical thing I have seen, sine, well, Bromance (respect, Wife). I give it two episodes.

In other news I am in LA and had to miss the LIttle Boy's baseball game. But fortunately or me one of the dad's live twittered (what is the world coming to?) the entire game and I was able to learn that despite going 0-2 (we have to work on the hitting, big time) he made two amazing plays at 2nd base, including the game ending play. Bless that kid's heart; he loves baseball more than life itself.

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