Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Day

Here's my definition of a good day:

-- started off with a great 16 mile run to work

-- enormously productive day with several accolades from big clients

-- an absolutely huge Michigan win at NCAA tournament, which marks a clear turnaround in our program

-- received some love from the tax man, which could not come at a better time

-- a nice Ferry Ride back home from the office. Taking the ferry is a rarity but being on the water in such great weather is really enjoyable

-- two amazing report cards for both kids. It has become expected of the Boy, but I have to say that I am very happy -- very, very happy -- about the progress that The Girl is demonstrating

-- nice dinner with the entire family plus one friend

-- one of those evenings in Marin County where it's so nice you almost want to sleep under the stars

-- a great glass of scotch

-- The Office

Wish I could bottle this day. And with that, I bid thee a good night!


Anonymous said...

sounds good to me;except for the run

Nana said...

I thought spring was here until I turned on the today show this morning and saw snow falling in NYC. You are so lucky. Burrr.