Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Janes Freaking Addiction

Want to see Rock n Roll at its finest? Then check out this video that Pitchfork just hosted from a surprise Janes Addiction show this past Monday night in LA. Of course, I had to be in LA on Tuesday night. Great timing on my part. Though Jane's last few albums have pretty much sucked, to me, they remain the definitive band of the 90's and one of my personal all-time favorites. I add the caveat, however, that Dave Navarro is pretty much a stroke.

That's it for me tonight; long two days in LA and I need to get some sleep. Coming up soon: review of Kindle (gadget time!) and my thoughts on Amazon. They have sure kept things interesting in the technology landscape and you have to give credit to them for making books and reading relevant again.


Nicholas said...

You credit Amazon with making books and reading relevant again? That is like crediting the iPho with making talking on the phone relevant again. And it also made your children's teachers mad.


Anonymous said...

rock n' roll.