Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Stuff and Books

Nice weekend here in old Marin County, albeit a bit on the rainy side. Highlights yesterday included: the annual little league parade, which was great, as usual; a nice 9 mile tempo run; Michigan basketball game (we lost, but I think our season was a resounding success); and a special dinner with The Girl (The Boy had a sleepover at a friends).

I also finished one book; Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life, by Neil Strauss. Struass, a former New York Times music reviewer, is also the author of one of my favorite book, The Game, which is the story behind his transformation into a world-renowned pick up artist. It also spawned a reality show, which I guess speaks for itself). Emergency is the story of Strauss' obsession with becoming adept at survival skills . It's a very entertaining read: I breezed through the 420 pages in about three days, but at the end of the day it's not quite on par with The Game (though I hasten to add that few books are from a pure entertainment perspective).

Anyway, that's three books down thus far in 2009, and pretty soon I will also be finished with the Lost City of Z, which thus far is really excellent. This book has received across the board accolades, including a great review in the New York Times this past weekend.

On the docket (I think) is: The House of Cards (which chronicles the fall of Bear Stearns) and another non-fiction that got a great review in the TImes: The Tourist (a spy thriller in the spirit of Le Carre).

Anyone have other recommendations?

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