Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's on my ......

What's on my ipod you may ask? This is what I am listening to, currently:

-- the new Silversun Pickups. This one hasn't been released quite yet, but oh boy is it good. Best album of the year in my humble opinion. Get this when it comes out pronto

-- Tool. For a guy who likes ricking music, I'm surprised they haven't been in my repetoire. I am definitely late to the game with them but they are awesome and it's terrific running music.

-- Passion Pit. I'm not exactly certain who these guys (guy?) are, but it's pretty interesting. Takes a little getting used to though

-- Royksopp. Whoever thought Norwegian (I think it's Norwegian, anyway. Scandanavian maybe. Sam difference, right?). Anyway, pretty danceable, infectious beats and another one that's great for running.

There's more -- a lot more -- bt these are the ones that are high up in my current rotation. I'll say one thing about long distance training; it gives you a good opportunity to catch up on music.

What's on my Kindle you ask? This is what I am reading, currently:

-- Joker One, which received a great review in the NEw York Times Book Review. Great book on what it was like to be on the street Marine in Iraq and surprisingly, I'm finding a great leadership book as well.

Next up, I think: House of Cards (about the downfall of Bear Stearns) and The Tourist (fiction thriller in the spirit of John LeCarre). I am definitely open to other suggestions as well.

What's on my gadget list you ask?

-- Well, most certainly the Palm Pre, as I have written previously. My conundrum, though, is though I have major issues with Cingular (recpetion sucks in the Bay Area), I'm pretty locked in to my contract and can't rationalize a move to Sprint. So, we'll see. I might let this one go a generation similiar to what I did with the Kindle. In the interim, I really need a smart phone with keyboard (for work purposes this is becoming a big issue) and am impressed by the new Samsung Impression. I'm anxious to check that out in a week.

So, that's my current "list."

Missing anything?


Anonymous said...

how about a stapler,scotch tape dispenser, and

Crazymamaof6 said...

my husband got the new google android or G1 . great keyboard.
awesome variety of free applications. average battery life. my brother just got the palm Pre with sprint and side by side he's jealous of the G1 .BUT his has a couple actual professional applications, whereas ours has 'versions of' the same applications.

on youtube
the G1 is compared to 3g i phone and had faster uploads,of course that is depending on the 3 g network.

check out the 'shop savvy' feature. HOLY CRAP IT'S COOL!

throwing in my 2 cents.
and i'll have to check out some of your bands on your Ipod. they sound awesome.