Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Too busy night to coalesce my thoughts into one cogent posting, so a few random thoughts:

-- I realized today that I will be running the Boston Marathon - on behalf of Livestrong -- on the third anniversary of my diagnosis. There is something weirdly karmic about that and I hope it translates into a good race for me. I've hit a good block of training but am very cautious and am making no predictions

-- If you like war/military books and/or books on leadership, than I very highly recommend Joker One, by Donavan Cambell. It is an astonishingly good read. It's received in viritually all reviews. I've now completed five books for hte year, which puts me on target for my goal of 15.

-- And on that subject, we are headed to Mexico next week (I'm coming home several days earlier than the family so that I can get ready for Boston) and I am planing to read The Tourist (fiction), House of Cards (non-fiction; it's about the fall of Bear Stearns) and probably Once a Runner, which is considered one of the greatest running books of all time. If there are any other suggestions hit me up, pronto. Also, for whatever it's worth, I am loving the Kindle. No regrets whatsoever on that purchase.

-- Listening to some great music these days, including the new Silversun Pickups (amazing), St. Vincent (haven't listened quite enough to render an opinion), Cymbals Eat Guitars (very Pixies-ish), Flobots (fun), Harlem Shakes (pop-ish) and Passion Pit (weird electronica but very catchy). 2009 has thus far been a very good year for music. Next one I am gearing up for is Eminem.

-- The Little Boy's baseball team won last night, coming back from a 7-1 deficit. It was a real nail biter and a very well played game. They won with 1 out in the bottom of the sixth. The lLIttle Boy was on deck and having already gone 0-2 (and one walk) I was really nervous. Despite his hitting slump (and boy, what a slump) he is proving to be a very solid fielder; he made four great plays, including a great catch in center field.

-- Speaking of winning baseball, I'm hoping that the Yankees wake up and decide to win a game this year. These first two games of the season have been a disappointment.


Nicholas said...


You should like Once a Runner. Tried to get you that book last year as a gift for training me, but the dang thing was going for about 150 on eBay. Kindle that nonsense. Burn it up, bro.

Anyhow, good book about running. Eh, decent book. The guy dies at the end though, so it is kinda sad.


gailaj said...

Howard, in my humble opinion, I think that your attitude approaching Boston will serve you well. You seem to be taking it all in stride, so to speak, and keeping it in perspective (brought home by the fact that it will be your third diagnosis anniversary). It won't be easy, but it sounds like you have set yourself up for a great experience which you will enjoy, even though you will be happy when it's over...