Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spectacular Night

We had a killer party at the manor tonight; it was a combination 43rd birthday party (actual birthday is Thursday) slash"thank you" party for all the Livestrong supporters slash Boston marathon celebration. According to the Wife, we had about 90 people up at the house, including Kids. The Wife did an amazing job; party featured a taco truck (which was excellent); a massive jumpie for the kids; a keg of Racer Five (best beer of all time), good music and tons of great friends. Thank you all who were able to join; hope you all had half as good a time as I did.

The was the cap on a fantastic weekend. Yesterday featured swimming time trials (the little girl is showing signs of being a hek of a swimmer) and a baseball game, which the Rangers won with 2 outs in the bottom of the sixth.

Wins all around, coupled with great friend + solid weather= one amazing weekend.


wiley said...

Sorry that I couldn't be there! Happy birthday Homie.

Anonymous said...

we are coming soon. keep that taco truck in sight. gs

Payro said...

Glad it was fun. Wish I could be drinking leftover Racer 5 on a deck in Marin instead of packing to spend a week in a hotel in Toronto. See you in May.

Nana said...

So glad your party was a sucess. The party coordinator is a keeper. Sorry we couldn't be there. We are so proud of your daughter she no doubt follows in her fathers foot steps. "Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow".