Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greetings from MExico

Sorry been so quiet: we are on our annual sojourn to Puerto Vallarata. I'm here but for two more days and then headed home -- and then to Boston, while the family will stay here until Saturday. All is good in MExico though I am astonished by how few American tourists there are compared to years past; a sign of the times I guess.

WIsh I could tell you something interesting about this trip, but it's all about hanging my the pool, reading and swimming. And eating. Lots of eating too.

For all you avid readers out there, check out The Tourist; it's been getting rave reviews and it's a terrific vacation book.

The Little Boy is pulling me out of this sketchy Internet cafe so that's it for today; a super short one.

Hope all is well int he good old US of A and more tomorrow if I can find a damn wifi connection in this country that doesn't hang after ten seconds.


neil s. said...

Hey Dude. I'm in Cabo. Ironic - same situation - very few American's and hurting on the wifi! Have a good trip and a great race on MOnday!

Anonymous said...